Reclaim Hours Of Your Life Every Week

Introduction to Computer Productivity

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Give Me My 3 Hours Back!

What would you do with 3 more hours in your week? Get the exercise your doctor says you need? Have a romantic date with your significant other? Read one of the books you've been telling yourself you would start "tomorrow?" Clean out the garage? Wash your car? And all your neighbors' too?

We Can Get You Those 3 Hours

This website is devoted to getting you that extra 3 hours. We won't keep the sun up longer, but we can cut out 25 minutes every day of completely wasted computer time that most computer users lose.

You can get that time by working faster with your computer.

We can help by teaching you the art of computer productivity.

Yes, it takes some learning. But it's often worthwhile to invest in learning something new to improve the quality of our lives. Recall how long it took you to learn how to drive. Depending on where you grew up, it probably took around 1 week of classes and maybe 40 hours of driving with an adult. That's a long time! But the return on investment is thousands of hours of saved time because you no longer have to wait for the bus! This is the same principle, with arguably the same magnitude of returns.

What Is Computer Productivity?

Computer productivity is the art of working efficiently with your computer by improving your interactions with it. This is done primarily by using your mouse and keyboard efficiently, but it also involves cleverly customizing your computer's interface. It's true that you can always make your computer time more efficient by getting a faster computer, but even on a supercomputer, there will still be one source of wasted time: you.

Let's assume you do 1,000 generic actions a day with your computer that take an average of 2 seconds each (think actions like picking up your mouse and clicking on the Start button, or saving a document). That's about 33 minutes of interaction a day. If you can cut each action down to 0.5 seconds, you'd only be taking about 9 minutes a day. That's about 25 minutes of savings right there! Over a week, that's a cool 3 hours.

How We Teach

That's what we aim to do: cut down the duration of each action so that you can save a lot of time in aggregate. We do this by educating you through a series of quick tutorials about the keyboard, the mouse, and specific programs from your Internet browser to your word processor. We also educate you on how to improve your computer's user interface so that you can take advantage of your mouse and keyboard even more. Throughout, we also offer tips on how to practically take these lessons from your mind to your mouse.

Using these techniques might be hard at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it is. Soon it will be as normal as right-clicking!

Who Benefits?

Everyone can benefit, but some will get more than others. If you're a casual web surfer (Hi, Mom!), you'll probably get those 20 minutes; if you're a full-time software development engineer, you can save even more (probably a lot more)!

So get to learning and read the next article!