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"It takes most people 15 seconds to open Internet Explorer and navigate to a website. I can do it in 3 seconds. Every time.

"Imagine how much time you save when you multiply 12 seconds of savings over every similar task you do during an 8- or 10-hour shift at the computer."

- Excerpt from Introduction to Keyboard Productivity

Computer Productivity at teaches anyone how to work more efficiently with their computer. Our goal is to save you hours every week by teaching you how to transform slow computer interactions into blazing fast keystrokes and clicks. Check out articles about:

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News and Updates

16 October

We thought we'd get a headstart on Vista with an article on keyboard shortcuts in the new operating system.

27 September

Another Firefox article! Check out Bookmarks and More to read about one of my favorite features: bookmark keyboard shortcuts.

20 September

We just added a Microsoft Office section to the website! Read the first artcile on Microsoft Word.

14 September

To kick start the Windows Productivity section, we just wrote an article on the Run... Feature. Learn what it is and how to use it!

9 September

Check out the newly written Common Keyboard Shortcuts article to begin learning some important shortcuts.

7 September

We just added an article that gives some background on computer productivity and shows what anyone can gain by reading these articles: What's Computer Productivity?

2 September

Check out our Introduction to Keyboard Productivity, a newly written article on what keyboard productivity is all about, and learn 10 of the most universal keyboard shortcuts out there.

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